Sahith Theegala claims maiden PGA Tour win with Pro V1

Sahith Theegala
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Sahith Theegala

Sahith Theegala (Pro V1) became a PGA TOUR winner on Sunday, posting 4-under 68 to close out a two-shot victory in his home state of California.

A former three-time All-American at Pepperdine, the 25-year-old was in complete control of his Pro V1 golf ball over the four days in Napa, gaining more than eight shots on the field on approach shots (+3.322/18th) and around the green (+4.96/2nd). It all added up to four rounds of 68 or better at the Silverado Resort and a field-best 24 birdies (plus one eagle). 


– “I just really like the feel of the golf ball. For me, short game is kind of where I feel the golf ball the most, and I just love how the Pro V1, for me, feels like it sticks on the face, just a hair, and I feel like I have ultimate control around the greens. And with the longer shots, I've always been a high spin player. So the Pro V1 kind of lets me not worry about spinning it too much, which is great.” 

– “I feel like I’m almost one with the club head as I’m going through the ball, and it just kind of sticks for me, and I just have full confidence in the ball no matter what I set up and how I practice and all that, I know the ball's going to do exactly what I want it to do. I mean, there’s very rarely an instance where I hit the shot that I want to and the ball doesn't react how I want to. That speaks a testament for such an imperfect game, how Titleist has really been able to dial in the Pro V1.” 

– "I've tried other golf balls, but I just feel like Titleist, performance-wise, has been the best for me. … It's been the number one ball on tour for quite some time now. I would just say the confidence level I have with it, and the trust I have in it, I have no reason to doubt the golf ball at all.” 

– "I think the consistency of the golf ball is everything. Out of 100 balls, you can make 99 great balls, but then if you have one bad ball, that kind of ruins your trust and confidence. I feel like every single time, I’m not even worried about that one bad ball, because of all the R&D and all the people that are in the factories, just double-checking, triple-checking everything, quality control, I know is great. So, yeah, it’s just knowing that everyone trusts it consistently, and not just everyone trusting it, but the stats and everything are backing it up. Just knowing that is really big. And not even having to think about it (the golf ball), that just shows how good the product is.” 


Titleist golf ball players swept the top 6 positions in Napa, while nine of the top 10 played a Pro V1 or Pro V1x. Of those nine, four played Pro V1 and five played Pro V1x: 

1. Sahith Theegala (Pro V1) 

2. S.H. Kim  (Pro V1x) 

3. Cam Davis (Pro V1) 

4. Eric Cole  (Pro V1x) 

5. Justin Thomas (Pro V1x) 

6. Brendon Todd (Pro V1x) 

T7. Troy Merritt (Pro V1) 

T7. Max Homa (Pro V1) 

T7. Callum Tarren (Pro V1x). 

Titleist was the #1 ball at the Fortinet Championship with 115 players (74%), more than seven times the nearest competitor. 


Seven of the top 10 finishers at the Fortinet Championship gamed a Titleist TSR driver – including  Callum Tarren, who ranked 1st in Strokes Gained: Off the Tee, gaining more than five strokes (5.351) on the field. Max Homa ranked 2nd, gaining 4.819 strokes. 

Among the players finishing inside the top 10: 

2. S.H. Kim (TSR3 9.0) 

3. Cam Davis (TSR3 9.0) 

5. Justin Thomas (TSR3 10.0) 

T7. Troy Merritt (TSR2 9.0) 

T7. Max Homa (TSR3 10.0) 

T7. Callum Tarren (TSR3 10.0) 

T7. 2012 PLAYERS Champion (TSR3 9.0) 

Titleist was most played driver this week in Napa (50/32%) and has been the most played driver on the PGA TOUR for the last five seasons. 


Eight of the 10 players finishing inside the top 10 on Sunday’s final leader board played at least three Vokey Design wedges. For the week, there were 240 Vokey Design gap, sand and lob wedges in play, more than all other brands combined. 

2. S.H. Kim  (SM9 52.08F, 56.10S, WedgeWorks 60T) 

3. Cam Davis  (SM9 52.12F, 56.14F, 60.04L or 60.10S) 

4. 4th-place finisher (SM9 50.12F, 54.10S, WedgeWorks 60T or 60V) 

5. Justin Thomas (SM9 46.10F (@ 46.5), 52.08F (@ 52.5), 56.14F (@ 57), WedgeWorks 60T (@ 60.5) 

6. 2019 Bermuda Championship winner (SM8 46.10F, WedgeWorks 50 TVD, 54.10S, WedgeWorks 59T) 

T7. Troy Merritt (SM9 50.12F, 54.14F, WedgeWorks 58.04L) 

T7. Max Homa (SM9 46.10F, 50.12F, 56.14F, 60.04L) 

T7. Callum Tarren (SM9 46.10F, 52.12F, 56.14F, 60.04L or 60.10S). 


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