Titleist Introduces New 818 Hybrids

FAIRHAVEN, Mass. (Aug. 31, 2017) – The new Titleist 818 hybrids incorporate tour-proven Titleist driver technology to create the longest, most accurate Titleist hybrids ever – providing dedicated golfers with the performance and fitting precision for improved long-game shotmaking.

Available in golf shops worldwide beginning Sept. 29, the new 818H1 and 818H2 models utilize proprietary Active Recoil Channel 2.0, SureFit CG Weights and SureFit Hosel technology to deliver longer distance with a more playable trajectory and the most precise shot-shape customization available.

“We define hybrids as scoring clubs, not rescue clubs. That’s how our R&D group has been designing these clubs for years, and it’s the reason Titleist has become the clear #1 hybrid on the PGA Tour,” said Josh Talge, Vice President of Marketing, Titleist Golf Clubs. “The amount of technology we’ve engineered into 818 is unprecedented for the hybrid category, and will give golfers at every level the confidence to take dead aim from distances they never have before.”

Titleist 818 hybrids offers two distinct profile choices with performance benefits relative to a player’s swing and head-style preference:

  • 818H1 is designed for golfers who have a sweeping delivery to the ball and prefer the look of a fairway wood. The larger profile provides high launch, effortless distance and tremendous forgiveness. Available in 19º, 21º, 23º, 25º and 27º lofts.
  • 818H2 is for golfers who have a steeper delivery to the ball and prefer the look of an iron. The compact, square-toed profile delivers penetrating launch with precise distance and iron-like control. Available in 17º, 19º, 21º and 23º lofts.

Since their debut on the PGA Tour in mid-July, 818 hybrids are now being played across the worldwide professional tours. At the PGA Championship, Jordan Spieth added a new 818H2 to his bag, seeking a long game option that would produce a higher trajectory for holding firmer greens and maintain performance from the rough. Russell Henley, Bernd Wiesberger and Andrew Johnston are among the players that have also put new 818 hybrids immediately in play.


Beginning Sept. 1, golfers can experience the performance of Titleist 818 hybrids by attending a Titleist Fitting and Trial event (including Titleist Thursdays) being held at hundreds of locations nationwide. To find an event, or book a free fitting for Titleist 718 irons and 818 hybrids with a Titleist Product Specialist, golfers should visit www.titleist.com/events​.


“When building scoring clubs like 818H1 and 818H2, you have to think about distance in terms of playable distance. Playable distance is easy distance that launches high and lands soft. Improving that performance requires faster ball speeds, higher launch and a higher peak height of shot, which we achieved through our redesigned Active Recoil Channel 2.0 and improved MOI properties. Playable distance is also consistent distance that you can control. Having seen just how powerful the combination of SureFit CG Weights and SureFit Hosel was for players being fit into our 917 drivers and fairways, we knew that technology would be especially meaningful in shotmaking clubs like 818 hybrids, allowing players to optimize their ball flight and produce more consistent shot patterns. We’ve also made 818 hybrids even more forgiving, which is crucial to maintaining that playability on off-center shots.”

Stephanie Luttrell, Director of Titleist R&D Metalwoods Development
  • Active Recoil Channel™ 2.0 generates faster ball speeds across the face through its improved channel design and flexing polymer insert, producing a significant advantage in distance.
  • New SureFit CG technology, in combination with Titleist’s industry-leading adjustable SureFit Hosel, provides the ultimate in precision fitting and maximum shot-shape customization for every player. The proprietary 16-setting SureFit Hosel allows golfers to set loft and lie independently to optimize ball flight and turf interaction for consistent center-face contact, maximum distance, and improved shot control. SureFit CG provides precise customization through a highly efficient interchangeable weight system, optimizing spin for a more consistent trajectory and tighter shot dispersion.
  • A high MOI design – with a 10 percent higher MOI than the prior generation – increases speed across the face for more forgiveness on off-center hits, while the optimally positioned, deep center of gravity increases launch and trajectory for more shot-stopping control.
  • Two models provide distinct performance choices for greater fitting flexibility and precise flight and shot shape optimization. 818H1 has a confidence-inspiring pear profile (larger than 818H2, but sleeker than 816H1) with a slight face progression for golfers that need enhanced launch and prefer a fairway metal look. 818H2 has a smaller profile, redesigned with a squarer toe, delivering launch and trajectory control with a slight offset for more aggressive players that engage the turf.


818’s high-performance stock shaft matrix features premium aftermarket options from the Mitsubishi, Fujikura and Project X shaft brands that fit a wide range of players and swing speeds. Titleist will be the first manufacturer to offer each of these tour-proven hybrid shaft models:Mitsubishi Tensei Pro Red 50HY (high launch; L flex)Mitsubishi Tensei Pro Red 60HY (high launch; A, R, S) Mitsubishi Tensei Pro Blue 70HY (mid launch; R, S)Mitsubishi Tensei Pro White 90HY (low/mid launch; S, X)Fujikura ATMOS HB Tour Spec Blue 8 (85; low/mid launch; S, X)Project X Even Flow Blue 85HYB (mid/high launch; S)Titleist also offers an industry-leading number of custom shaft choices, many at no upcharge.


Fittings for new Titleist 818 hybrids begin Sept. 1. Available in golf shops worldwide beginning Sept. 29. MAP $279 | MSRP $315