CARLSBAD, Calif (April 4, 2023) – Vokey WedgeWorks introduces the new Limited Edition 64W, inspired by the collaboration of Master Craftsman Bob Vokey and Vokey Tour Rep Aaron Dill with players seeking a high loft wedge option.

Featuring an ultra-durable, Jet Black Premium finish, the WedgeWorks Limited Edition 64W is a unique wedge, especially designed for those who play in firm conditions, on golf courses with elevated greens or multiple short-sided lies.

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The sole of the 64W has a medium width with slight camber, helping create speed through the turf, with an effective bounce of 4 degrees. 

Bob Vokey: “This wedge is ideal for the player with quick hands who likes to see the ball elevate quickly, or the fearless player who isn’t afraid to attack any pin. Players that are so good at shallowing out their technique can simply allow this mid-width sole with loft to do all the work when under the pressure of elevated pin locations. It delivers a feeling that the best players in the world love and dedicated golfers will, too.”


Aaron Dill, Vokey Tour Rep: “I started getting calls and texts from players curious about a 64° wedge that they could use at certain times during the season. There are golf courses and green complexes that require more loft, like the Open Championship, when bunkers are deeper than expected. As we worked through this project, the consensus from players was a wedge that has lower bounce, is faster through the turf and gives more of a skid and slide feeling on the bottom. It’s a really cool option to have available when the conditions call for it.”


ADVANCED PERSONALIZATION AND CUSTOM OPTIONS: Limited Edition 64W features a modern, clean look, which provides a canvas for customization. The WedgeWorks custom options include:

Six unique toe engravings

  • Stamping options | 10-character Straight/Freestyle stamping; 15 characters around the toe; and two lines of 10 characters each
  • An industry-leading selection of shafts, grips, shaft bands and ferrules. For a complete list of custom options, visit www.Vokey.com

FEATURED SHAFT: Dynamic Gold Black Onyx S200 | Grip: Golf Pride 360 Blackout | Available while supplies last

AVAILABILITY & PRICING: Jet Black Premium wedges will be in golf shops beginning April 4, 2023. MAP: $379.


CONTACT:  Ben McConnachie-Howarth | Titleist Advertising & Communications Manager

ben_bcconnachie-howarth@acushnetgolf.com | 416.570.3562

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