Bob Vokey Introduces New 54°/56°D Grind to WedgeWorks

Based on the incredible popularity and player adoption of the Vokey SM7 D Grind – the latest addition to the Vokey grind family – Master Craftsman Bob Vokey has been experimenting with extending the D Grind into lower-lofted models.

The player’s high bounce wedge, the D Grind offers high measured bounce with the crescent shape of Voke’s popular M Grind for shot-making versatility.

Available today on, the new WedgeWorks 54.12 D and 56.12 D models align with Bob’s long-held philosophy of building a higher bounce sand wedge and mid-to-low bounce lob wedge into your setup.

“During most of my fittings, I’m striving to fit the player into two different grinds. We always fit based on how the player uses their wedges, but my preference is notably a high bounce sand wedge and mid-to-low bounce lob wedge, so they have the versatility to face all different types of shots and conditions,” Vokey said. “Bringing the D Grind to the 54 and 56 degree models opens up a great new fitting opportunity in these sand wedge lofts.”

Early tour testing indicates that the 54°/56°D Grind will soon end up in several bags on tour.


The D grind provides high forward bounce for shots in the square position, while the crescent shape provides for versatility in the open position, allowing for a variety of shots and face angles for the player that uses their sand wedge greenside. It is ideal for players with a steeper angle of attack who play with a variety of clubface positions.


As part of WedgeWorks, the 54.12 D and 56.12 D wedges can be customized, including personalized stamping in up to 10 characters and one of 12 paintfill colors. Golfers can also choose from an industry-leading selection of shafts, grips, shaft bands and ferrules.


Vokey WedgeWorks 54.12 D and 56.12 D wedges are available in a Tour Chrome finish beginning June 5 through WedgeWorks on or by custom order, starting at $195 (which includes custom BV Wings grip, custom shaft band, and up to 10 character stamping).


Who is the target player for this wedge?

This wedges is a great fit for players with a steep angle of attack and have a more forward shaft lean at impact. Players that typically play in soft conditions will also benefit. The D Grind will provide more bounce for M Grind players that have a steeper angle of attack or play in soft conditions, but provide more versatility for F Grind players that are looking for more greenside options. Additionally, players using the F Grind in firm conditions may prefer the heel, toe and trailing edge relief of the D.

How does this compare to the 54.08/56.08 M Grind?

The D Grind features the same sole shape as the M Grind, but includes more measured bounce. The result is higher bounce in the square position, but versatility for multiple face angles.

How does this compare to the 54.14/56.14 F Grind?

The D Grind features increased forward measured bounce, like the F Grind, but features toe, heel, and trailing edge relief, which is different from the full sole F Grind. The F Grind is better suited for players that exclusively use their sand wedge for full swings, or for players looking for help in the bunker. The D Grind will be better for players that use their sand wedge for multiple shots both full and greenside.

How does this compare to the WedgeWorks 54.16/56.16 K Grind?

The D Grind has more forward bounce providing a higher bounce from square and a crescent shape sole grind allowing the club to sit closer to the ground when in the open position.